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Love Is The Thing
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Track Listing 
  It’s Been A Long Long Time (Julie Styne/Sammy Cahn) Cahn Music Co. ASCAP 4:10
  My Baby Likes To Be-Bop (Walter Bishop Sr.) Music Sales Corp. ASCAP 3:24
  Love Is The Thing (Victor Young/Ned Washington) Largo Music ASCAP 5:56
  Hip To Swing (Wayne Corelli) Corelli Music Co. 3:26
  Cocktails For Two (Arthur Johnston/Sam Coslow) Famous Music Corp. ASCAP 5:01
  A Weaver of Dreams (Victor Young/John Elliott) Chappell Music ASCAP 2:56
  There’s No You (Tom Adair/Harold Hopper) Barton Music 6:14
  I Will Wait For You (Norman Gimbel/Michel Legrand) Gimbel Music Group BMI 4:30
  Isn’t It Romantic (Rodgers/Hart) Famous Music Corp. ASCAP 4:32
  If I Should Lose You (Leo Robin/Ralph Rainger) Famous Music Corp. ASCAP 4:10
  Be My Love (Sammy Cahn/Nicholas Brodsky) EMI Music Publishing ASCAP 4:11
Wayne Corelli Piano/Vocal All Tracks
Tracks 1,2,4,5,8,9,10,11 Recorded July 30, 2001
Matt Bonelli (bass) Larry Marshall (drums) Wiso Santiago (congas)

Tracks 3 & 6 Recorded December 28, 1995
Kevin MacConnell (bass) Joe Nero (drums) Chris Orazi (congas)

Track 7 Recorded March 24, 1993
Kevin MacConnell (bass) Paul Jost (drums)

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This CD is a compilation of songs that I recorded between 1993 and 2001. The compositions on this CD are among my favorite to perform and quite frankly I consider them to be musical and lyrical masterpieces not heard often enough.
The foundation for my taste in repertoire was established early in my life by my father who was my first instructor however later in life my repertoire and approach to both playing and singing was greatly influenced by my late friend and mentor Bobby Scott. "It's Been A Long Long Time" …my interpretation of this song a direct result of delving deeply into my Bobby Scott influence.

Shirley Horn and Carmen McRae also had a monumental influence on my playing and singing and I would be remiss not to mention others such as Frank D'Rone, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat Cole, Mel Torme, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, George Shearing and Erroll Garner… all a major part of my listening and learning years.

"Hip to Swing" is an original composition and a personal statement about the music I love. The inspiration to compose this song came from reflecting on the current status of jazz among the masses. With sales of jazz recordings declining with each passing decade and the exclusion of jazz (as a category) from the live presentation of the Grammy's… it's ever so obvious that "things ain't what they used to be."

I hope you enjoy this offering of my music. This style of music has been (and is) the soul of my existence. If you have the opportunity… introduce someone to the incredible world of Jazz and maybe they'll become… "Hip To Swing".
Wayne Corelli

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